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Need a ride or a place to crash?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

This is your yearly reminder that Notacon has a room and ride share board as well as a forum system in general.

So if you’re still on the fence on attending because you’re not sure you can get a ride or not sure you’ll have a place to get some sleep (and a shower. Please shower.) hopefully this will help you connect with people who are able to help you out. Likewise, if you are able to give someone a lift, or have some extra space in your hotel room, this is the right forum for you to fill that extra space and share those hotel costs!

Notacon hotel rate ends today, registration ends April 8th

Monday, March 28th, 2011

The Notacon room block rate officially ends today, March 28th. If you still haven’t booked your room, please do so today! After today, the few rooms we do have left will be released from the block and sold at regular rates. If it is after the 28th, we would encourage you to call our contact at the hotel directly (indicated on the page) as they may honor the discounted rate.

Also as a a reminder, pre-registration for Notacon ends on April 8th. Tickets will be $120 at the door otherwise. Plan ahead and save money!

Notacon wants to rent your land!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Tyger and I (well, mostly I) have been scheming for a number of years now on a new project. However, this project would require us to obtain use of a fairly substantial piece of rural property (20 acres or more) for a week or so. Some of you may see where this is going.

The problem is, we’re city folk, and our .09 acre postage stamp lot just won’t fit the bill for what we have in mind. Thus, we are interested in hearing from individuals who would be willing to let us temporarily use/rent their land for a week or so. Preferably it would have the following attributes:

  • 20+ acres
  • Be in such a location that lots of noise wouldn’t cause a problem with the neighbors or Johnny Law.
  • Semi-wooded
  • Accessible via public roads w/o requiring using of a 4×4
  • Have access to potable water

As an added bonus, these features would be nice but not necessary:

  • Access to 100A of electricity
  • On-site bathrooms and shower facilities
  • Lake or other water feature
  • FREE!!! (or damn cheap)

We are looking to pull this project off late in the summer or early in the fall of 2011. If you think you might be able to help us, or know someone who does, please contact either me or reply to this entry.

Kids at Notacon! Also, hotel problems fixed!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Before I get onto the “kids at Notacon” bit, I wanted to let everyone know that the hotel has fixed the bug in their system that prevented people from booking non-smoking rooms in the Notacon room block. If you are still having problems, or want to make sure that your reservation is correct, please contact Jeffrey Glover at the Hilton Garden in at or via phone 216.373.3805. Thanks for your patience everyone, it looks like we have this one fixed! Also, book soon if you haven’t already since I think we’re pretty close to being sold out!

OK, now onto the big question of the day. Will you be bringing children to Notacon? Would you, perhaps, be interested in a childcare co-op to help look after your little ones while you attend a presentation? Perhaps you’re interested in spending some time volunteering to look after a few children yourself?

I ask because it seems that many of us who have grown up with Notacon have children nowadays. Thus, it might make sense to explore the idea of looking after each others’ children for a few hours so that we can attend that absolutely-must-attend presentation!

If you fall into this boat, or are interested in participating in our childcare survey, please click on


Hackable badge as well as hotel and ticket information

Friday, March 18th, 2011

For the first time, Notacon will feature a hackable hardware badge this year! Designed by Seth Hardy, the badge will allow Notacon participants to build, modify and create their own badge. We provide the circuit board (and, for premium registrants, a component kit) and the hardware hacking area and you provide the creativity! Speaking of which, this years hardware hacking area will be adjacent to the newly expanded PixelJam demoparty lounge and organized by Cleveland’s hackerspace, the Makers’ Alliance. Anyways, I’ve taken a look at the badge design and I admit I’m super excited. More details will be released once Notacon 8 gets closer!

We’ve still had sporadic reports regarding difficulty booking rooms at the hotel. We still have rooms left in the block, and the hotel wants to make sure everyone who wants to is able to get a room. While the general hotel space is sold out, WE STILL HAVE ROOMS SET ASIDE ONLY FOR NOTACON PARTICIPANTS. They are, of course, going fast. The hotel has graciously extended the expiration of the room block from March 23rd to March 28th. Likewise, they want me to remind everyone that if problems arise, to contact them. As a reminder, contact information is available on the Notacon hotel and travel information page in big, bold print.

Remember, when booking your room, you MUST either use the Notacon booking code or tell them you are booking a room for Notacon. If you don’t, they will tell you they are sold out.

If you haven’t booked your room now, please do so very soon. Likewise, if you have not registered, please do so as quickly as possible. Pre-registration closes on April 8th. You still have time to save money before buying your ticket at the door! For those still on the fence and broke, we also still have some starving hacker tickets left for $50. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! This is well under what it costs us to run the event per person, but we want to make sure everyone who wants to attend Notacon has the opportunity.

More announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!

Call for Notacon volunteers

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Notacon functions thanks to the hard work of it’s volunteers, who offer hundreds of hours of volunteer time each year. As we ramp up for Notacon 8, the call for volunteers this year is on! Kat and Tod have graciously agreed to corral and wrangle volunteers this year, so yay to them for their help!

This years event includes some new roles and responsibilities, as well more work to be done. Hence, we will need to recruit more people than previous years to make sure this year is a smashing success!

If you are interested in helping out, they have set up a handy little questionnaire to help them organize everyone. Also, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the volunteers email list. Thanks in advance for your interest!


Email List:

PixelJam scener list

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I know I’m late to the game with this, but I finally got around to putting a list on the PixelJam website of all of the demosceners who are attending Notacon and PixelJam this year. I definitely need to populate it, and if you haven’t contacted me yet to get on it, please do so! Feel free to email me at

Hotel block NOT SOLD OUT (yet!)

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

There’s been some confusion as of late regarding the availability of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cleveland for Notacon 8. Rooms are still available! However, if for some reason you do not book under our hotel block than, yes, you will be told the hotel is sold out. Both Tyger and I have exchanged numerous frantic emails with the hotel this week to clear up any confusion. They have been extremely helpful and provide a direct contact at the hotel than you can call to book a room if the website isn’t working for you or if their reservations department is being finicky. That person’s contact information is located in bold print on our hotel and travel information page.

Also, you shouldn’t need to register for all four days our rate is good for (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to get the rate. If you have any questions, please contact the hotel. If they give you a hard time, then please contact us and we’ll sort it out.

We DO anticipate the hotel selling out and I will work with another hotel coming up this week. I want to make sure we sell out our rooms first, of course :)

Thanks for your patience and sorry for all of the confusion!