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Notacon on Toor: Toorcamp 2009

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Notacon will be hosting the Notacamp theme camp at the inaugural Toorcamp, to be held July 2nd through July 5th, 2009 in Moses Lake, Washington. If you are interested in joining our camp, or simply want more information, we have set up a mailing list for organization and logistics. All are encouraged to subscribe. Those actually intending on being involved with the camp will be expected to join. *grin*

If Notacamp manages to have at least 10 campers, 10% of all of the registration fees will be kicked back to the camp to cover expenses such as group meals, structures, activities, water, supplies and other goodies. We will disclose how the money is allocated once we verify that we have 10 confirmed campers in our group. When registering, please indicate “I’m with Notacamp!”.

Our current plans for the event include:

  • A non-stop caravan from the upper Midwest to the Toorcamp site starting on or before June 30th
  • Live music and PAs throughout the event
  • Amateur radio of all sorts
  • Electronics projects, including LED signs, elwire, and other neat things
  • Community meals exclusively for Notacampers
  • Spreading lots of the Notacon love and showing the folks on the West coast what the heck it is they are missing here in Cleveland!

Toorcamp registration fees are time-based and go up $50 every month until the event. Reserve your tickets with them before the end of April before rates go up!

I hope to see many of you there. If you have any questions about how to participate, what is involved in regards to camping or the event itself, join up and start discussing!

Notacon 2009 Tshirt Reprint

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

There has been enough interest to confirm a reprint of 2009 shirts! Using the responses so far we have an estimate of what sizes to order. 2009 shirt reprint orders will only be open until Monday, May 4th. Place your order now to assure sizing is available.

Order now!

Also until May 4th buy $50 in merchandise and get 10% off. Use coupon code “Save10″!

The first notacon media has been posted!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Jason Scott has posted his presentation “Super Jason Scott Presentation 64″ on Adrian “Irongeek” Crenshaw has posted his presentation “Hacking Video Tutorial Tips: Getting the point across with screencasting computer videos” to his blog at Jason has also kindly recorded and linked online his Presentation Presentation from the Thursday night Freeview.

As soon as we get everything cleaned up here at the FTS Compound we’ll be putting the rest of the media files online as well as a handy-dandy torrent to pull them all from.

Notacon is here! Keep yourself up to date with schedule changes and announcements through Twitter!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Notacon is, for all intents and purposes, ON! Any scheduled changes or announcements will be sent to the Notacon twitter feed. Subscribe now if you haven’t already. This will be the primary source of all official Notacon announcements during the event.

See many of you at tonight’s free preview!

Win the Demo Competition, Win the Machine

Monday, April 13th, 2009

The Blockparty prizes are now dropping into place, and the competition page is starting to grow with them.  The heart of the demoscene is doing it for the glory, not the prizes, but your time is valuable. And so, if possible, we like to reward your hard work with ample prizes.

Therefore, we’re announcing a new prize for the main demo competition that has almost never happened before: If you win the demo competition, you go home with the machine the competition ran on!

At roughly $1000, this is quite the prize. Be sure to check out the competition rules page for information on entering and what you have to do and the specifications of your machine. Also, the other competitions are getting additional prizes this week.

Competition-winning demos have been written in less time than this, and staying up crazy amounts of hours to carve out an entry has a long and storied history in the demoscene. Get coding and creating!

Rock Band Competition

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

The Rock Band competition will be a full band, 4player competition. It will be a single song of your choice from a pre-set list (all with similar score ranges). Each instrument can be any difficulty. There will be three prizes available, and the bands that win must be present at the end to accept their award:

Highest Score

Simple enough, just get the highest combined score. Harder difficulties have more notes available, long streaks and combined Overdrives push scores into the stratosphere. **

Rockingest Band

Rockingest Band is in the true spirit of Rock Band – having fun and rocking out! Windmills, freestyle vocals, and drumstick twirling are encouraged. The band that impresses the panel of Notacon judges the most will win this award, and crowd reaction will be considered. Show us your inner rock star!

** The band that wins Highest score will NOT be eligible for Rockingest Band, so come compete and have fun, even if you know you’re not the best.

Best Band Name

In addition, we’ll be giving a small prize to the band with the name that amuses us the most, subject to the whims of the Notacon judges. All bands are eligible, including winners of the previous two prizes.

The Rock Band competition will start 1pm on Saturday. Signup sheets will be available in the game room, and players MUST sign up by noon. You can signup as a full 4person band, or as a subset/single person, and we’ll do our best to do matchups, with no guarantees (it’s best to talk to your fellow Notaconers before-hand and get a group together).

Signup space WILL be limited, so get in quickly!

Rules updates will be posted on the events page and in the game room.

The Blockparty Countdown

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Here we are late Thursday night, and it’s time to count down the last seven days to Blockparty.

What is Blockparty? Well, it’s an event held during Notacon which represents one of the main events of the year in the “demoscene”, a decades-old tradition of showing your creative and programming skills in all manner of computer-based platforms. (And some non-computer platforms as well, but we’ll get to that…) This year will be the third Blockparty held in conjunction with Notacon, as a partnership to bring this unique and fun event to life.

The article I linked to in the previous paragraph is a very good overview of what “the demoscene” is, and has a lot of links and information about it. And if you go to Pouet or Micksam7′s Capped.TV or the top-flight, you can let hundreds of demoscene productions wash over you, amazing them with the talent and effort.

But this is not about that.

This is about you and your entry.

Maybe you didn’t know you were going to submit an entry to one of Blockparty’s  many competitions. Maybe you thought it’s too late and you were considering it, but aren’t sure what you could do.

Well, it’s time to push that self-doubt out and away.

Last year’s winner in the wild competition featured two people who hadn’t met before Notacon/Blockparty and who had never worked together: George Sanger and Jeri Ellsworth. Now they have a regular show together and do all sorts of projects.

Several entrants last year had us as their first demoparty; Sigflup comes to mind, and is now a presenter at this year’s Notacon.

At the event, we’ll be having a great democoders’ lounge, run by our artist in residence Inspired Chaos, to place you among the top sceners in the continent. This is your time to pick up that idea you’ve had, run with it, and get your work seen onstage by hundreds of people next April 18th.


Notacon Cometh! Free Preview Thursdsay, the 16th at 7 PM!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Notacon is now only ONE WEEK away!! Make sure you stop by the Wyndham at Playhouse Square, the Notacon venue, at 7 PM on Thursday night the 16th to enjoy our free, open to the public, preview.

Besides meeting some of the people that make Notacon happen, some of our presenters will be on hand to provide brief introductions about the discussions and presentations they will be giving or hosting later in the weekend. At 9 PM, Jason Scott, of fame will share his experiences in public speaking and providing pointers and tips on how to give a successful and interesting speech.

Who knows? We may have something special in store for those who make the trip!

See you Thursday

Pre-Registration ends today!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Today is your last chance to pre-purchase your ticket for Notacon 6! There will be admissions at the door for $100, but until the end of today you can spend only 25 dollars more and get a special limited edition Notacon bag and drink tickets for the cash bar, which will have energy drinks and soft drinks in addition to alcoholic beverages!

Or, if your budget is feeling a little tight, you’ve got a few hours to get the same admission for only $75! A savings of 25 dollars!

Don’t forget to come to our first ever Notacon Free Preview on Thursday night starting at 7pm. Meet a selection of speakers, hobnob with the founders of Notacon and Blockparty!

We look forward to seeing you there.

P.S. The program goes to print in the next few days, so buy your shoutouts!

DEF CON acquires Notacon and FTS Conventures

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

April 1, 2009

In a surprise move, DEF CON Communications, Inc., acquired FTS Conventures, owners and organizers of Cleveland’s Notacon (pronounced “Not A Con”) conference. DEF CON is previously known for “acquiring” the Detroit area’s former “Rubi-Con” event back in 2003.

The acquisition was made in a closed-doors meeting between DEF CON’s Jeff Moss and FTS Conventures primaries, including Paul “Froggy” Schneider, Jodie “Tyger” Schneider and Brandon “Kaospunk” Knight. Due to the state of the economy and other mitigating factors, the sale was done quickly and quietly. In the end, a final sum of $13.37 exchanged hands. Tyger was quoted as saying, “This is great! I no longer have to worry how much we tend to lose year after year!” “I will miss all of the great people and projects, though,” she added. Froggy and Kaospunk were not quoted, but could be heard muttering under their breath about who will get the extra pennies once the $13.37 was split three ways.

Details for Notacon’s future are uncertain, which is difficult for those who have pledged to attend this years event. DEF CON’s Moss has hinted already at a last minute move of the event to Las Vegas’ Alexis Park Resort Hotel, “for old times sake.” “The rust colored orange decor they have going on just drives me wild,” Moss said. Another source was quoted, “Who the heck wants to go to Cleveland? I don’t even know where Cleveland is, to be very honest, I think it’s near Canada or something. Anyway, I honestly don’t think there are many hackers there anyway… are there?”

Those registered for the event were told already that their current registrations would be good at the “new” Notacon, although their hotel reservations and travel plan changes would not be the responsibility of DEF CON. A DEF CON source was quoted as saying, “Tough patooties.”

Current Notacon presenters were informed today that their presentations could be given at next year’s Notacon, but that this year’s slate of presenters would be filled by a pre-selected list of speakers including members of GOBBLES and the 4chan community.

Questions and concerns about these recent changes should be directed to the appropriate parties within DEF CON Communications Inc.