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Notacon 6 Registration open!

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Registration is now open for Notacon 6, which will run April 16th through the 19th, 2009 at our new venue, the Wyndham Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland!

In order to simplify things for everyone, we have 2 basic registration levels, one with swag, the other with just the badge. With either registration, you can opt to pre-order a Notacon t-shirt via a drop-down option on the registration page.

The swag bag in the premier registration package not only will give you tons of goodies, but will also include a couple of meal vouchers that are good at the hotel to make sure you get at least some good meals over the course of the weekend. We will continue, of course, to have our con suite with complimentary sodas and snacks, but if you want something more substantial, think about the premier package!

For those who want us to take care of all of the details, there are a limited number of Corporate Rate packages, as well.

Total registrations will be limited to 600 this year. More information and details are available on our registration page.

Froggy and Tyger to speak at The Last HOPE in NYC

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Tyger and I will be presenting at The Last HOPE this year, which runs from July 18th through July 20th in New York City. As part of a slate of almost 100 presenters, we will be talking about the ins and outs of how to throw your own hacker conference entitled, “Starting Your Own Con for Fun and No Profit: A How-to”. Information about the presentation can be found on their Scheduled Talks page. Running a hacker conference is a subject we like to think we know a little bit about. The past 5 years of Notacon have taught us a lot not only about the eclectic community we live in, but also how many problems, details, considerations and other things need to be taken into account when one decides to start an endeavor as large as Notacon.

No news yet on specific days or times for the presentation, but we encourage everyone to attend HOPE and check it out. HOPE is considered by some the “de facto” hacker conference and one is likely to meet many other interesting fringe types as well, something we at Notacon highly encourage!

If you plan on being at HOPE, let us know! If there’s enough interest, we can throw together an impromptu Notacon/Blockparty gathering of some sort or another.